Dashboard toggle - change dashboard by long press

Evgeny Kurshev shared this idea 4 months ago

Locus 3 and Locus 4 before: "Dashboard" button on side panel toggle last dashboard and (!) on long press - has "Change dashboard" option. By the way, "Long-press “magic”" post describe this.

But in current Locus 4 version there is two buttons: "Dashboard" - it ask for dashboark each time, and "Dashboard toggle" - same as in Locus 3 & early-4. But this button has no "Change dashboard" option on long press! :(

Can you add it? ("Change dashboard" option in long press menu on "Dashboark toggle" button).

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Hello Evgeny,

useful idea, thanks. Will be added in the next app version.

Jiří M. aka Menion


I used to use the long press dashboard all the time to change dashboards, I have been missing it since the last updates!

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