Unable to horizontal-swipe away the point detail panel

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 18 months ago

In the previous version, I noticed the point detail panel now appears on the right, rather than the bottom, on large screens. I keep trying to dismiss the panel with a horizontal swipe, but that does nothing. (A swipe should dismiss, shouldn't it?) My brain stem is wired to keep trying to swipe, and it's a long reach for the thumb to tap past the panel, on the map content.

I'd hoped this would be fixed in the latest version 4.12.0, but apparently not. This would be a big usability improvement. :)

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Hello Viajero,

thanks for the bug-report and I'm glad to receive such a "push". I'm aware of this limitation and because I expected that not too many people use Locus Map on bigger screens, it does not have too big a priority. Anyway, thanks, I'll look at it in the next weeks and let you know.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thanks. As of recently, the panel appears on the side on my big Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, even in portrait mode. I like it there. Just wish it was easier to get rid of. :)

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