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OpenMTB Howto reduce Mapdetails on Zoom Out

Han Solo shared this problem 21 months ago
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I've imported an openMTB map in Locus Map. If I Zoom in to scale of 100m it's acceptable, but not optimal; if I zoom out to 2 km scale or more to get an overview to much to many details are viewed.
On my Montana I've installed the same map, and the appearance is completly different - see screenschot.
Is there a posibilty to reduce details displayed on maps e.g. this lables or location infos in Locus Map?

Thanks in advance
Br. H

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as is written here, it's necessary to switch the labels off. Unfortunately they don't specify if it's done before or after the download. Nevertheless, the IMG behaves similarly to MAP vector files so I assume the labels can be turned off in the Locus content panel - map theme menu. Can't test it though as I'm not a Premium OpenMTB user.


As a MTB, I can only recommend the maps from Openandromaps. The Elevate theme is really great. There is a setting option for MTB.
All trails you see there immediately, because they are colored. Depending on the difficulty of blue, blue-red, red, etc.
There is a special button for Locus on the wide map download.

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