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Multi-file gemf archives won't import

Bill Chadwick shared this problem 19 months ago


The off line import needs to support multiple file selection to import a multiple-file gemf archive (gemf archives may comprise several files with none bigger than 1Gb). Gemf archives have the first file named .gemf and following on files named .gemf-1, .gemf-2 etc.

I have made Locus work with a multiple file gemf archive by using developer mode and Android Studio to copy all the files of my archive to


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Hello Bill,

thanks for the bug report. Indeed, multi-gemf files are not handled correctly. GEMF format was created many years ago. Locus Map added the basic support for it with the hope, it will be used more widely around the world. It anyway still remains a private format for fans and geeks.

In the next app version, app will try to support this behavior, anyway it will work only for the internal app file browser. If you use "Import > Device storage" on the Android 12+, it won't work as expected.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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