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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this idea 18 months ago
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Blog topic: "How's it look in there? Anybody got a picture?" is about photos to be posted in points.
But I have a question:
For Android 12, there is a big problem with the photos folder - being placed, deleted and opened directly via Locus.
I suggest that the folder - Locus Photos should be a folder in Default folders - with direct access, e.g. from the data manager (Photos tab).

Of course, this tab would appear next to the planner in our Library.


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One more note: photos on Android are saved to the "DCIM" folder by default. I have several hundred photos in this folder. Then I dump them onto my computer's hard drive.
If I have photos of Locus in this folder, I will either forget about these photos or I will not want to look for them in this thicket.
If I transfer the photos to my hard drive then of course Locus will stop showing me the photo points.



Photos is a very complicated process

If photos are attached to POI in a method similar to the lopoints photos, there is already a system in place for locus servers

main issue is for uses on their devices.

If you just add a local photo, then its difficult to access offline if you delete the local photo, also accessing from other gallery apps.

Suggest solution be when you create a photo point/trackpoint that there is the option to MOVE the photo to media/DCIM/POICategory/POIname_Attachment1.jpg or similar, if you rename POI then the attachment file names rename.

This makes it easy to view the images from another gallery app

Also if there is option to move to media, not link to current location, then that would help with duplicate prevention

Ideally all the media in this folder would be synced to locus servers, but not be part of the backups as they would be too large.


Thanks for the help,
I think I will implement this idea because I have no choice.


That was an Idea for menion, there isnt a solution at the moment, I have given up on locus photos untill situation changes....

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