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Alerts about approaching a point. Always sounds: Two points in the range.

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this problem 20 months ago
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1. If the new point falls within the specified alert radius, and the old point is also still in the alert zone, then instead of information about the new point, locus issues a message like “Two points in the range". In the settings, the notification frequency switch is set to "Once". The message: “Two points in the range” is completely useless to me. How do I set up Locus so that I only hear useful information about a new point?
2. If there is a route combined with a point, then when driving along the route, when approaching the point, an alert always sounds: “Two points in range”. I think this is a mistake. If the point and the route are not combined or the route tracking is not started, then everything works correctly.

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I've managed to simulate the first issue. But I couldn't do so with the second. Could you describe step by step how you proceed to simulate this problem? Thanks.


1. Open
2. Create a route.
3. Create a POI on the route line.
4. Save the route and POI to a GPX file.
5. Upload this GPX file to Locus with the option "Merge points with track".
6. Start the route tracking

And start moving along this route.

The movement along the route can be emulated.
To do this, you need:

7. Disable satellites
8. Set the screen cursor to the beginning of the route
9. Select the "Nearest point" command for the route
10. Move the map with your finger so that the cursor moves along the route
11. Approaching the point and listening to the message "two points in the range".
By the way, with such a simulation of movement along the route, Locus does not pronounce turn commands. In previous versions, this worked.


I know how to emulate movement :) Problem 2 isn't present when you use a route planned in Locus. Could you please send a sample of the problematic Brouter route? Thanks


The error occurs after starting navigation on the route. If navigation is stopped, the error still persists. The error will not go away until the notification service is stopped and started again.

Attached the file.


OK, thanks, forwarding it to the app devs.


I've been told this behavior isn't a bug but a feature. The point alert informs only about the first point in detail, more points are announced only the way it is now.


If such an explanation could be accepted for case 1, then for case 2 it is definitely a mistake. After all, there is only one point on the route I submitted for the test, on Locus claims there are two points. That's not true. 😊

I wanted to use an alert so that Locus would inform me about interesting places I pass by, but it turns out that this will not work well. And this function, for me personally, makes the notification function for the point useless.

I wonder for what purposes the notification was made initially? Can you answer this question?


Maybe there is one more point you can't see. Track points are also announced. You can't deactivate them. I had the case so that I create a track point in the track during the recording. And if I have activated point alarm this is announced to me immediately. Is very stupid. I had once made a suggestion for it, so that one can deactivate track points. But it is not a bug. If you want it differently then you have to make a suggestion in the helpdesk.

Translated with (free version)


None of the wpt's in the demo file above are associated with a trackpoint in the track.

These example wpt's are so simple free located (nearby the track) wpt but these are not snapped nor so are part of the track itself.

The current Brouter web versions do (do not yet) not add the Via Points in Locus navigation track exports.

But the attached file has these points snapped to the map and the track so has correctly announced Via Points. These are so one by one than correctly announced during the navigation.

Navigation simulation (new) issues.

The via navigation points are announced by the directional navigation alerter.

Announcing so 1 point at once and always in the correct (next) order.

The poi (free located) waypoints are announced by the omnidirectional (poi) point alerter.
(Can see 1 or 2 or more points at once)

Old video's but still valuable.

Notice the differences.

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