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maxreichenbach shared this problem 18 months ago

Hi, I am using Locus Map Classic 3.63.1 together with BRouter on my Android 12 device.

A few days ago I noticed that the time estimates in the route planner appear a bit weird. 3.5 km with a little climb in less than 1/4 hour (see screenshot)? A bit fast for hiking mode...

This happens with the internal walking, hiking and car profiles - all give too short estimates. Only the cycling profile estimates seem closer to what I am used to (with time estimates a bit longer (!) than for hiking), but I do not remember a direct comparison to check whether they are exactly what they used to be. I am not sure about one external profile that I use, but this seems to fit as well.

The error also affects navigation (estimated arrival times etc.).

Could you please check whether this a problem caused by the recent update?

(Unfortunately, I had not used the route planner in a while, so I do not know when exactly the behaviour changed. The device update to Android 12 was recently, but because of the different behaviour of the cycling profiles this does not seem to fit as a probable reason. Was there maybe a change to (some of) the internal routing profiles?)

Thank you!

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it sometimes happens. and the solution isn't easy. We have plans to improve this function, but there is no ETA as we have more priority tasks right now.

The cause is explained by our main developer here: https://forum.locusmap.eu/index.php?topic=8154.msg69383#msg69383


Zdenek, Locus team


Thank you for the link. I see it's a complicated problem and will try to test with other settings (with/without navigation commands etc.) as suggested in the other thread.

I was just surprised because I did not have any issue with this before (the "old" system with recorded speeds seems to have worked for me). Maybe I messed up activity types recently, without noticing? (Which would suggest I never made a mistake before ;) ). I will check again after navigating/recording for at least 60min. with different activities...




Interesting that you do always see too short time estimates. I am using 3.68.2 and Brouter, for car travel only. And the time estimates are always 2x too long for a given distance (with a know speed/profile). Ran a few simple tests, the factor of 2 (or more) is confirmed (e.g. motorway, almost straight line of 100km takes gives 2 hours -> as if the max speed was 50kmh). So I thought it must be the in speed profiles used by Brouter. I checked with the dev and he answered that LM uses its own profiles, in other words he has no control over it.

Please let me know if you think it is related, or whether I should open a new topic. Thanks

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