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Web planner: Share button creates link that does not share map type, position and zoom

Georg D shared this problem 21 months ago

In web planner, I zoomed to a certain mountain and switched to winter map. Then I pressed the share icon. A link is created. When openend in the same browser session, it works fine, but when opening in another browser session like friends would do (simulated by private twindow), neither map type, position nor zoom are as intended.

A screen recording can't be uploaded here, inside Locus help desk, as attachement limit is 2MByte which is far too low for video. It's available for 1 year (afterwards trigger me to set the end date again +1 year) at

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Dear Zdenek,

what you announce for the next version seems helpful in my eyes 🙂

Would be great detail if you could also add a tooltipp to save, share and export buttons that does make clear what object these buttons work on (route only), e.g. "share route" – so similar like for a point, where we have "share point" and not only "share". Adding a tooltip instead changing the button text does not change current look but still makes the information available to users.

BTW, I did not recognize at all that points have a right click menu – probably, because after a very short mouse hovering, another context menu opens, looking different and offering different features. I always used that one. I wonder whether consolidating both context menus makes sense, for you developers (less maintenance) and for us users (all features available after both actions hover & right click) and for both of us (less misunderstanding potential)?

Regards, Georg

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