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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this idea 19 months ago
Gathering feedback

The navigation cursor is ok - clearly visible, filled with color (and those available in the Locus store - it's a total failure).
Recording - here it is worse, there is no cursor assigned here, there is only a map cursor, and here the selection is quite poor (only crosses and one cursor similar to navigation - only a contour line, almost invisible during recording).
Sure, there's some (complicated) method of adding your own cursors ... nothing uplifting, it's actually a deterrent.
Maybe it's time for a better library of cursors, icons, etc. in the Locus store.

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You can customise the way tracks display while recording and after recording to make them more clear

Try looking here for icons



please, if I may ask, what purpose will the "record cursor" have?
The recording is about "what is behind you" and many users combine it with navigation, so I'm not sure, what benefits the "recording cursor" have.

Anyway, the cursors in the Locus Store are from other users. Locus has only its own which are in default settings.

But if there is interest, we can consider an additional Locus library.

Zdenek, Locus team


there are, situations when I discover a new way, then I turn off navigation because it becomes useless. Recording is still in progress.

So, a nice navigation cursor disappears and the map cursor is left invisible in the light. And I am not interested in what is behind me (interesting view), but where I am now and what will happen next (because I am in a new territory.

So the only thing is that you can also assign a cursor for the recording.

And if you don't feel like it, give it at least richer libraries.

I can recommend the site (lots of free items) - works like: vector (ai, esp, etc.), PSD (fotoshop), icons, etc.



As for the recording: I reported the problem that the recorded lines create nasty straight lines for me while driving, I gave examples. The only answer was to make the lines completely transparent.
The fact that the line recorded while driving may only be a small section and visible on the screen, but this is also not going to be done.

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