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Will C shared this question 11 months ago

Seeking advice on best practice for sharing user points with a closed group:

Scenario: I am part of a team of ecologists who carry out daily surveys of a large area looking for predator activity. When we find evidence we mark the position with a POI in locus and share the grid ref in WhatsApp. An individual may discover numerous points a day and we work shifts during daylight hours.

I would like to know the best way for us to share the points amongst the group so we don't duplicate each other's findings, and build a good visual record on our maps that's as up-to-date as possible. Any advice would be gratefully received.


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Hi Will,

despite its versatility and flexibility, Locus Map is an outdoor navigation app for tourists, hikers, bikers or geocachers. Your use case is quite complicated for this kind of app. Syncing points between multiple devices and the Locus web library is possible only under one Locus account with Premium Gold plan. If it is possible to use one Locus account within your organization, this perhaps could be the solution for you.


Thanks for the response. I'm settling on exporting to kmz for other users to import into their own devices. Early testing seems solid. I've noticed photo points don't sync media across devices for my own account but I've sorted that with a folder sharing app. Using a single account may be an option but it location sharing in app might not work very well. Locus map is the only professional grade map app I've used. Happy to work around small technicalities for all the other brilliant functionality.

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