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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this question 19 months ago

I was looking for information on No-Go points, found no help, hence my questions:
1) whether there is information about No-go points in Locus (and this should be the case, because it is important when calculating routes).
2) in Rys01 - Nogo place - icon: cycling and walking I marked green, the car is red - do I understand correctly that this point of Nogo applies only to cars, and it is a place to go by bike or on foot.

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I think there is a problem with Fig01, I am posting it again and adding a few more comments:

do I understand correctly: if I have a No-go point on a route, it is visible by navigations whose route passes through this point ...
But the problem is, I'll know about him when I get to him, which is absurd.
Information about no-go points should be available like points, and be able to display them in Planner Web to correct our routes.
This problem was already aired by other users 4 and 2 years ago.
They are waiting for votes (?!) And here we have the absurdity of voting when the problem is advanced, or few users have had contact with it. I even have such doubts (these are my feelings) that if an idea requires too much work and thought, it can be voted on so as not to be dealt with.




No-go points are really visible only in planning or navigating mode. There is some request to make them visible as any other points, but not done yet.

For the ideas - if the idea is live (people still commenting) and has votes, it is prioritized. If there is something that only few people wants and no one cares, it is obvious that it is no "game changer". We still found that idea as useful, but priority is low in this case.

More about No-go points here:

Zdenek, Locus team

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