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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this question 17 months ago
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applies to Locus Planner-Web:
1) when I select the profile: "Bicycle trip" - it should be the default (until the next change).
Now the profiles change: when importing, right after the action "Open in planner", and when I repeat the operation - it repeats. It is quite annoying, especially since, for example, 95% of routes are bicycle routes.
2) When saving this file to my library, I would also like to remember: "Action type" and "Directories".


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*) Library sorting is very necessary
**) the file export from the library should have the default name from the Library, not the name "export".


Hi Waldemar,

thank you for your questions :)

1) I am sorry for the inconvenience. When opening track in planner it tries to detect routing profile from the track itself. When this information is missing it fall backs to the manual routing.

2) This is really good idea. I have added it to my TODO list ... which is, unfortunatelly, quiete long thus I can not promise any ETA.

3) Library sorting - planned to be implemented soon :)

4) File export naming - thanks, it makes sense, I will have a look

Kind regards,


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