2 geocaches can`t point to the same waypoint

rvheddeg shared this problem 8 years ago

1) Take 2 geocache points.

2) Add a waypoint for the first one and display it.

3) Now open the other geocache and add another waypoint, by choosing the first created waypoint. (or use the exact same coordinates).

4) Result: The line that points from the first geocache to his waypoint is hidden, but it is still checked. If you uncheck and check it again, the line pointing to the waypoint is switched, meaning that the first geocache points to the waypoint again, but the second don`t...

If requested, I`ll send you a movie explaining the issue.

PS: I have seen this when some geocaches share the same parking spot. It would be nice to show the line to the waypoint in all cases, it was confusing before I realised what was going on.

Version 2.17.3

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Thank you for your precise report.

Issue is fixed now and will work correctly in next 2.20.2 version

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