3.10.0 No access to locus store

Jürgen Holm shared this problem 5 years ago

Access to locus store ends in

unknown problem - error code 15

seen on S3 and asus tab

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I deinstalled Locus an installed it again on my 4.4.2 tab.

While downloading libraries at start I got

Error: 15

Moving the Locus directory away and reinstall didn't help.

I want my 3.9 Version back! Where can I download old versions?


Hello Jürgen,

please try new version 3.10.3. I think that most of problems had same reason, so one fixed issue probably fixed also this problem. Let me know and sorry for a troubles.


Fixed with new version. Possible cause of error 15: the faulty version loads at install time date via proxy. This may poisoned the proxy?


PS My personal experience: never change a system before weekend


It is possible. Because Error 15 means, that something modified request Locus send to our Store.

Glad to hear it is solved.

PS: I have changed this already a two weeks ago. Enough for testing. But!! I still have no idea why, but

this problem do not occur in Free version or in Beta version!, crazy ...