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Waldemar Wawoczny shared this question 17 months ago

I recently browsed the Locus Graphic Store and there are cursors like red / blue / orange and yellow map cursor.
Walked into Red and was pleasantly surprised that it is not a single cursor, but a 5-in-1 set. The cursors are exceptionally beautiful and functional. As I understand it, the icons will change depending on the situation on the map.
Maybe it would be nice to have a note saying that these are 5-in-1 cursor sets as this is how the user is misled.
I would adjust some of these icons for navigation, because here the selection is quite small.


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the name of the item is in the plural ("Red map cursors") and there are all icons in previews. Maybe the word "set" in the name of the item could be added, but...

What other icons do you need? We are considering a new set of icons for the store, so if you have an idea, let us know.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hi Zdenek,

I would like to design a custom set of cursor icons to use with Locus. One example is in the attachment. What format the icon files should be in? Should there be a specific size? Is there a place I can download the default set from? The app directory doesn't seem to contain the default one.


You're right, there are cursors. I missed the "s" because I was looking at the icon. Hence, I believe that the set sounds better.
These kits are really OK now.
But for navigation, the Locus Store offers cursors: car and footers.
These are not convenient cursors for navigation (unless for a tablet).

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