Modification of the route in Locus Planner Web

Waldemar Wawoczny shared this problem 15 months ago
In Progress

Gentlemen, have mercy on users who modify routes in Locus Planner Web.
I have already mentioned this topic that after importing the route, they have too few points, i.e. 1 - start, 2 - middle of the route, 3 - end of the route.
Now, each modification can completely change the route (Rys01), which, with very long ones, ends with a tedious job.
Please look at the import of the same route in BRouter - Rys02.
Here, moving points will move the route to the next one. Of course, BRouter has another important feature when importing - Tuning, which allows you to increase / decrease the intermediate points.
In addition, I give you the example of GPX - 112KN_Ląd-Tomice-Świerczyna_W-SW-E - which needs to be converted to 110KN_Ląd-Tomice-Świerczyna_W-SW-E. Have a nice modification.


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