How to change Icons in Android 12/Android 13

Nicolai shared this question 15 months ago

How can I add custom Icons in Android 12 or Android 13? I read that I need to put a .zip file in the icons folder of the Locus root directory. But on my phone / Tablet there is no Icons folder. I searched in this directory:


There i can only find the folders mapsVector and maps but no icons folder.

I also used different file explorers and enabled hidden files/folders. But they are all showing only these 2 folders.

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On my Samsung Galaxsy S 20 Ultra running Android 13 Stock ROM my user defined icons can be found in "storage/emulated/0/Android/data/".

I am using Solid Explorer 2 Version 2.8.26 as file manager.



as c.s.g. wrote. You have to go to the "Android/data/"

If your default file browser can't reach this destination, try Total Commander, Solid Explorer or X-plore.


Zdenek, Locus team


Hello, I suggest to modify the web manual. There is written just "put your icons into folder Locus/icons. So I created folders Locus/icons in the root directory, obviously nothing happens. According to this thread I found relevant folder in internal memory, put there my icons and nothing happened again. Later I found, that at my SD card there is similar folder structure, where icons folder already exists. Then Locus recognized finally my icons. I use same mobile same setup as c.s.g., link phone via cable to my laptop and operate it from laptop.


More Locus order and tidiness and not just leaving or creating multiple similarly named folders this on

both internal and on the sd card would already improve the manageability

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