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Good morning,

I've been using Locus for a long time and maintain many LoMaps on my phone. I regularly use the offline search functions for adresses or POI. The search area is somewhere nearby the current position of the part of the map on screen (cursor position).

When changing the cursor position from ona LoMap area to another, Locus changes automatically the used map, e.g. from and to France north-south to Germany north-south. However the offline search functions don't realize the change of the current area and remains by default in the area of the last search. But stupid guys as me don't know where they are. This is why we have Locus...

I will therefore appreciate, if you implement an option, that the offline search functions by default change to the LoMap of the current cursor position. The options, start offline search from 1. last used LoMap (current only implementation) or 2. current used LoMap can be implemented in the Options (Einstellungen) > Points and Tracks. Independently from this, the possibility should be retained to actually change the search area manually.

Thank you and best wishes, Wolfgang

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Good morning,

Just as an idea to work around the problem.

Political borders become more and more unimportant at least in Europe (sorry to the Ukrainians here). Therefore, offer an alternative set of LoMaps and divide Europe into sets other than the poltical states. Spontanously, I have the following Ideas:

1. Of course Europe, EU or Schengen or at least Benelux as a whole.

2. Geographical regions like Alpine, Mediterranean (east, west Italy on both), Atlantic, Scandinavia with or without Baltic Sea and/or arctic atlantic including Iceland. Last not least the british islands... all of them:-) This is useful for tourists by car or train or ferry europewide.

As you can see, sitting together with a cup of coffee provides many alternative ways dividing the world in regions manageable in LoMaps. Some of them might make sense to be realised.

Best wishes, Wolfgang.


Hello Wolfgang,

thanks for the idea. Offline search has more problems. Currently, we are just discussing a major rewrite of the search system, so we will look at the offline search as well.

Anyway merging of multiple areas as a solution to this problem is not correct I believe. Our interest is opposite: make smaller maps that work seamlessly without any complication in search etc.


Hello Menion,

I think, your way is better to solve the problem. The solution then ahs to take into account my original problem: I don't want the need to know the area/LoMap, the cursor is currently visiting. Taking this into account, you may even divide the world in a regular lat/lon grid as brouter has been doing...

On the other hand, small maps are saving local storage. In recent smartphones this problem is small because memory always increases in new computers.

Small maps make the current update procedure of maps intense for the users. Now each map has to be updated individually. This process has to be improved as well. For routing data you found a solution so you will find here.

Thank you and have a good time, Wolfgang

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