Default name for OSM Export (II)

Ricardo Rodríguez shared this problem 10 days ago

Hi! Looking to improve my workflow to create useful maps for our team and contribute to OSM, I'm using Locus Map to upload tracks to the OSM system. Working with Locus Map 4.12.2, Gold Edition, I found that Data export > Description remembers the last used description and won't use name as description value. Description remembers the last used value instead. Thus, it is not clear to me that the thread below must be closed:

I exported several traces without modifying the default description and got a single trace (suuntoapp-MountainBiking-2022-10-28T17-31-24Z) available at My GPS Traces. Anybody can find it in the link below as they are exported as identifiable: Rodríguez/traces

Please, let me know how I can help to work out this issue by adding more information or any other way!


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I must add more information. If anybody accesses my traces at OSM, will now see two traces with the same description (suuntoapp-MountainBiking-2022-10-28T17-31-24Z). Somehow OSM changes the name of the GPX at OSM (Data_001.gpx, Data_002.gpx), but the Description remains the same.


Hello Ricardo,

thanks for this bug report. Indeed, you are correct!

I've improved export behavior to the OSM server, so give a try to the next app version. I believe it will work as expected now.

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