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freischneider shared this problem 12 months ago
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I always notice that in LoPoi Online POI are missing. In LoPoi Offline they are then present. So I always have to show both.

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Hi, mr. freischneider. Well spotted. The reason why there are missing parking lots in the online poi dataset: We only include car parks that specifically state their public availability. Many car parks are private, I think it is correct to exclude them, but the main reason here is: Large cities have large number of parking "slots", mapped as a separate "amenity"="parking". This created large, pointless clusters along the streets. This is why decided to introduce the strict rule (explicit public access). Not a perfect solution at all, we are well aware. Thanks. Radim.


Hello Radim, Thanks for the important info !
Many hiking parking lots on the forest are only with "amenity"="parking". But these are very important.
Will this restriction also come for offline POI ?

The decision is there and is now so. But the users should have the possibility to have information about such restrictions. Because they rely on everything being displayed to them. If they know that only a part is displayed, then they can look for alternatives (POI on the web and import or OAM).
In the help you could put something like that. As a link to an info page about existing LoPoi or directly in the help.

Are there any restrictions for other Poi groups ?

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About restrictions for points of interest: Yes, many categories have some restrictions. Parking lots have probably the most strict restriction. Swimming pools need explicit public access too (Think of e.g. some posh districts, there is a "pool" by every house). Trees and cliffs must have name to become a point of interest. Generic sport center: for example we specifically exclude places for bull fighting, cock fighting e.t.c. Shops, rental centers: Similar rules, Locus is a hike bike app, car rental is not POI, ski rental yes.

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