Set point visibility per folder on map zoom factor

Wolfgang shared this idea 18 months ago
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I use a lot of folders one of them include all my found caches. These have a very small icon to save space on the map. When I zoom out of the map I see nothing of the map because of all these icons.

It would be awesome to set (per folder) a zoom level on which all the points disappear.

Or maybe a general setting which starts to use the clustering on zoom level x and then they all disappear on zoom level y.

See attached screenshot to understand what I mean.

Thanks Wolfgang

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You can also hide the points you don't need. Or show only the first x points around the center of the map. This is possible per folder.


Thanks. I know that functionality which I use a lot off. But I need it while moving the map around and looking for the next stop. I am not able to see the names of the cities around me because of the too much icons. It's not a fluid work to disable them while moving and searching in the map. Often I need the info of the icons when I zoom in.

Frist x points does also not help in that case.

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