Running full LM4 on an android smartwatch

Alistair Parsons shared this question 5 months ago

This is just an FYI

the website

has tested LM4 on some of his full android smartwatches for us , he says

"I tried Locus Map Version: 4.13.1 on LOKMAT APPLLP 4 PRO and Rogbid King smartwatches it works great. I can't try on the Ticwris Max because I don't have this smartwatch but there's no reason why it can't work on it. Sorry I don't plan to make a video of this application."

Just in case anyone was comtemplating running full locus on a watch, in case its usefull

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Hi Alistair,

thanks for the info, looking forward to some photos or videos from the terrain! :)

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