Allow "Settings only" backup as Auto Backup - better design of backup

Tapio shared this idea 18 months ago
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currently Locus only allows "Full backup" in Automatic Backup. For users with huge databases, this may prevent them to use auto backup, because of the big files which are created. Please allow to pick "Settings only" for Automatic Backup.

Personally I'd rather want to Auto Backup settings only and do a full backup manually. All my recorded tracks are auto exported to GPX and backed up via another route anyway.

Here's a bit more work. The ideal approach for Locus and backups would IMO be this:

1. Backup layouts: a) Full, b) Settings, c) Custom (i.e. allow the user to define exactly what to include)
2. Auto and Manual backup allow for the choice of a, b or c.

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and maybe the settings-auto-backup is ignored if no settings have changed since the last backup?


Also presets, quickbookmarks, dashboards ought to sync ideally , as like points/tracks, they form part of the multi device data requirements.

Also photos but thats a whole other problem...

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