Display location coordinates as a stamp in the image for

Pedro Paulo Rangel Balikian shared this idea 14 months ago
Gathering feedback

Hello everyone, i've been using Locus map on field to collect "in place" pictures and work on it later.

So, it would be amazing if there were an option to display the coordinates as a "stamp" on the pictures that we take (Photo-points).

I mean something like other apps do, then you could see the coordinates on the corners of the images.

For me, it would worth it 100%, because for now im doing it "manually", spending time to edit the images and plot the coordinates shown in the properties to some corner of the picture, or even using other apps just to take the pics with stamps at the same time that i use Locus to build the point layers that i need.

I searched about it on Forums and didnt find something related to it, thats why im posting it as a "new idea", but if there is something already, please let me know. Thanks !

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