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Coordinate Converter Tool

Collecting votes Alan B. Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 13 months ago by AntMadeira
10 votes

App coordinates format : quick change

Declined Fifi Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
3 votes

Suggestion: Show coords posted as part of cache log

Completed Viajero P. Locus Map Comments: 5 Reply 4 years ago by Menion
1 vote

Points are too much to the east

Not a Problem Don A. Locus Map Comments: 6 Reply 5 years ago by Don A.
1 vote

UTM in clipboard not working

Archived Nico Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 20 months ago by Nico
1 vote

Extend clipboard functionality to more coordinate formats

Collecting votes Nico 20 months ago Locus Map No Comments
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Secondary location format

Collecting votes don P. 2 years ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

how accurat is this app

Answered bert2bert add-on Geocaching4Locus Comments: 11 Reply 4 months ago by bert2bert
1 vote

Cache coordinates not updated

Not processed Marty M. add-on Geocaching4Locus Comments: 1 Reply 22 days ago by Marty M.
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Decimals of Lat/Lon and UTM coordinates

Answered sonny Locus Map Comments: 7 Reply 21 days ago by balloni55
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