Update LoMaps packages more frequently

Piotr Dąbrowski shared this idea 16 months ago
Gathering feedback

Current frequency of LoMaps update is quite low. Fixes and changes in OSM appear in LoMaps after a few months, which is quite annoying. Bike infrastructure in large cities change rapidly. New roads are being open every few months even in smaller countries.

I'd love to see LoMaps being updated more frequently. It sounds like an automated process, so shouldn't be a big of a hassle to just schedule it more frequently :)

Some variations of my idea has been suggested in the past - I'm treating it as related ideas:

- LoMaps update frequency daily - seems like an overkill to me, but somehow some people would gain from it; I could see a benefit of that especially during some larger events, when I'd fix some stuff on OSM and got the update on my phone on the next day, but that'd happen very rarely to me

- LoMaps updated every month, at least - this one sounds reasonable, but honestly any improvement would be welcome - I'm currently running on a 4-months old map.

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