LoMaps updated every month, at least

PawelS shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

Currently LoMpas are updated about 4 times/ year , non profit 1? person run BRouter routing data automatically 1/ week . I'd like LoMaps updated at least 1/month to have the latest data, also introduced by me - before my bike tour holidays I try to verified my route especially whether there is asphalt. I think LoMaps can also be updated automatically.

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Yes, I allways enjoy the feeling to have the lates maps on my phone. But as long as the license acceptance for my 41 Lomaps has to be done manually for each singke map, I struggle with having updates more often. So basically, I give a vote for this, but hope for simplification of downloads (other, but related topic, see https://help.locusmap.eu/topic/24789-improve-lomaps-updates )

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