Gold for one year

Italo Stella shared this problem 18 months ago

I have just subscryed and paid the Gold for one year and I have received the voucher code.

Now in the istruction is written to activate the three dots. When I activate the three dots I don't know where to insert the code.

I tried to insert the code where it appears "Select the Premiun plan " I press the three dots u to the right and it apeear "utilise the voucher, when I press it it appears "Discount Voucher Code". If I introduce the code that i received it appears "wrong code"

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Hello Italo,

firstly thanks for the purchase and sorry that you are facing a problem right at the begin.

In the app main manu, tap on your profile at the top and choose "Redeem voucher" in the menu. Please double check your code. Mainly the first character is most probably zero, so give it a try.


Anyway as I see in our internal portal, your voucher is already consumed. Is it possible that all is already working as expected?

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