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Amazfit T Rex 2 as Heart rate monitor

Alexander shared this problem 15 months ago

I'm trying to connect my amazfit T Rex 2 as a heart rate monitor but by selecting bluetooth I see the clock but I can't select it because it stays gray in the list sensors.

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if you search for the devices, Locus always checks if it can connect to the device and has sufficient rights to communicate with it. If it detects that it doesn't, the device is grayed out and unselectable, which is the case for you.

In the past, your device was addressed here a few times, but the functionality was never confirmed, which unfortunately means that it is very likely doesn't work.

You can try to tweak some settings in the HR monitor, and maybe you find a way how to enable communication, but rather I am afraid that the problem has no solution.

I am sorry I haven't better news.

Zdenek, Locus team


Thanks so much for your replay. I will buy a dedicated heart rate monitor.


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