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Locus Map Classic: Can't switch routing profile to "draw manually"

Timm shared this problem 17 months ago


Let's say I create a new track in Route Planner. If I want to go a part of the route off-trail or graphhopper is routing wrong for some reason, I'm used to switching to "draw manually" profile, for that part of the route.

However, that seems impossible now. I can't switch to draw manually anymore. The set button is greyed out in the profile selection screen.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this maybe a bug?


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I reported the bug a few days ago. Michal confirmed the issue but gave me a nice workaround, also useful when the bug will be fixed :-)

thank you for the report, that is definitely a bug. Before we fix it, there's a workaround - long-press the "drawing mode" button, it changes into manual mode without opening the selector box.

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