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Tracks gone

Bekka shared this problem 17 months ago


yesterday my Locus 4 app lost contact with the SD card. I was tracking at that time and the app continued to track for a few hours.

But suddenly the app had close itself, the started track was gone and all other tracks as well.

I store only the maps on the SD card. All other data is in the internal drive (as recommended).

Can I recover my lost tracks?

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If the track.db is gone, and the open track, then your main Locus folder might not be on INT SD as it should.

Sometimes the EXT SD gets in trouble on a smartphone while on a PC you can access all data.

I would put the EXT SD into a PC and first of all copy all Locus data (except the maps) to a safe place.

Then analyze where the main Locus folder resides.

Good luck, also for 2023.

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