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Web planner - creating path/track by hand - no roads area in maps but need to create track there

Adam Wojtanka shared this idea 18 months ago

Hello again,

it was so easy. Just click on method for route from MTB to manual. This is exactly this that i was looking for.


1st of all thank you for this great SW and web app! I like it a lot! Great tool that i'm using to create navigation paths for MTB/ATV trips.

Something that is missing for me (or dont know how to do this) is to create route via areas that are on the maps w/o any roads marked. I know that it is a road and i can even see those roads on Google Earth Pro but web planner is not able to create route using this roads.

Will be great to have functionality to add some points 'by hand' just by clicking and force web planner to make simple lines connections between those points (similar to google earth path creation).

In general your web panner app is so great that i'm using other apps/webs just to verify track with satelite view! Once more thank you for this great software and looking forward for information how to force route creation between points even if it is no road on map.

Thank you and ALL THE BEST FOR 2023!!!


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Indeed that was easy. :) This feature is there from the beginning, so enjoy the routing and your adventures which you experience afterwards!

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