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John Campbell shared this question 11 months ago

I am attempting to install a theme by means of a link on a web page, using Locus actions. I get an two error messages. Can you help me as to what is wrong?

Is http not supported?

Is my XML file wrongly formatted, for example?

Is the server configuration wrong?

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can you send me the link to the theme so I can test it?

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team


The theme is ok, it's the installation that's not working.

You can find the relevant links on

Plain http generates the errors I found initially.

SSL (https) generates a different error of no connection. I suspect that my low cost hosting is blocking what it might feel is leeching but it would help if you could confirm our otherwise.


I'm sorry for the wrong topic, but This is the message as I start plan a route. I hope This helps. Thanks.

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