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Support all file management tools of the system

ColdAutumn shared this idea 17 months ago

Locus seems to only support a single file management tool, but other apps can support almost all file management tools apps in system. I don't know why, can Locus also implement?

For example, my mobile phone is installed with the Total command file manager app.

But Locus can’t link to it. However, other apps can do it. Please see:

And please note that here I can choose almost any appropriate app very conveniently.


I expect Locus to achieve it.

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Does this idea also need to vote? I think it hardly needs to be discussed at all :)

Especially when we need to open / import a file, please allow users to use their own file manager.

Many thanks.



what Android and Locus version are you using? Because if case, you use public none-AFA version on the Android 11+, this option should be available


Anyway thanks, good point. I'll think if this may be somehow enabled also for older Androids or Locus Map 4 AFA version.


Thank you. Will all file management apps appear when Device Storage is opened?

Sorry, because my mobile phone is relatively old ( Samsung Note 8 ), it has become more and more difficult to support the latest software, but it can still run stably in most cases, so I want to continue to use the old mobile phone.

So I installed LM4 but finally uninstalled it. I want to install it after I change new mobile phone.

My current software is Android 9 and Locus Map Classic / Purchased.

Can you please show me the status of Device Storage after it is opened? Support all file management apps??

The new android looks more concise and clear.

Thanks again!


Hmm there seems to be a two necessary changes at once. Both will be introduced in the next app version for both Locus Map and also Locus Classic.

What will change:

- on new Android 11+ devices will always be visible option with access to system file browser

- in case of system file-browser, more options will be available. This anyway needs some testing so please report anything un-usuall once new version will be published.



Thank you for your excellent work and continuous updates!

My screenshot app is a mail app. When creating a new e-mail, you can see my screenshot if you try to add an attachment.

its URL:



Feedback again:

The good news is that the latest version of v3.65.1 of Locus actually supports all file management apps.

I'm surprised. I don't know why!

I just found it when I tried to calibrate a jpg map. You can do this:

Enter the Image map calibration, click the select button, and then click the menu icon with three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the screen to display all apps.

I can't remember where the Locus does not support all apps when I asked this question.



This method use a little different system how it works with files, so in the "Image calibrator" yes, there already is support for other sources. But when you try basic import of points/tracks, you will see no difference yet.


thanks, looking forward to all support in the next issue !

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