MapItems media folder for A12 compatability

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 16 months ago
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Ive just got a samsung TabA8, which is great for locus as its one of the few tablets that has a compass.

everything seems fine with the various A12 problems except mapitems

i have tasker tasks that take various inputs and then create a kml to show in mapitems

As this is in the private folder

is it possible for locus to read map items from Android/media/ etc

the same as the map folders

Would this fix the problem for having files in a shared folder?

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probably yes, it should solve this issue. Because MapItems can't be currently configured separately, it is more about the general solution > whole "Locus Map" root directory into the "media" subdirectory. Such a request already exists, I was not yet brave enough to enable this option :).

The alternative solution is using the so-called AFA version from Google Drive that has full access to file-system even on A12+. It anyway needs manual updates for now ...


Thanks, the AFA version will work for now.

Moving all of Lous in to media will probably help with photopoints as well.

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