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Weather information does not match local time zone

Dong-Geulami shared this problem 17 months ago

As the Locus Map is updated, the time of the weather information and the local time do not match.


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Hello Dong,

current weather forecast service (OpenWeatherMap) provide weather data in the 3-hours inverval. So information about current (today) forecast returns data in the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 hours. Closest next value to your 1:58 is 15:00, so I believe that what you see is correct. Does it make a sense?



Hello Menion

I kind of expected it, but after listening to it, it makes sense.
As in the attached screenshot, the previous version went into today's weather and the graph came out according to the time zone, but it is not the current version.
thank you


Yes I know. It is because previous version had forecast on 7 days with hourly interval. Now we have only first five days with 3 hours interval. I'm not sure if this is really problem. We will see. For now, this is a small limitation of new weather forecast. Thanks for understanding.

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