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Locus 4.13.2 - Thailand.osm.dbb make the app crah

Fifi shared this problem 13 months ago

Environment :

App : Locus 4.13.2

Device : Fairphone 4

OS : /e/OS 1.6 Stable

Problem :

Thailand Lomap installed

Use it normally when suddenly,, when zoom in / and or move the map manualy, the app crash.

Try to run it back, crash on startup and come back to the device main screen without any error message dispayed. Locus no more usable.

Delete the Thailand.osm.dbb file solve the problem, but of of course with loss of Thailand datas.

Restore the Thailand.osm.dbb or update the Thailand lomap = same same, launch app, app works again until at a moment when zoom in / and or move the map manually, the app crash again.

The problem doesn't happen with other countries.

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please, install the latest update.

The problem should be fixed there.


Zdenek, Locus team


Yes, seems to be solved with Locus 4.14.0

Thank you

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