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Cached maps not available offline

Charles Creegan shared this problem 13 months ago

Cached map tiles of NZ Topo (online) are not available if the application is initialized when in airplane mode. The error given is like "map o,onK@ed5b35c is not ready" error code 12591

If the application was already running and active (showing on screen) before going offline, then the cached tiles are available.

Phone is moto g31 android 11.

I never had this problem on my older moto g5 (not sure what version of the app it was).

I know I can download offline maps, but caching is quicker, I can easily get all the needed tiles of a route without having to download all resolutions of a larger area.

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please, what exact map are you using?

Can you describe your exact procedure to me?

Did you try to zoom in/out in the area you should have downloaded? All zooms missing?

Thank you for the clarification.

Zdenek, Locus team


I raised a private ticket and the problem has been resolved with the maps. The "faulty" maps have been republished and I have deleted the old faulty ones and downloaded the new ones. Thank you.


@Simon Thanks! yes, this seems to be solved now by deleting cached maps, newly cached areas work right.

@Zdenek this affected NZTopoMaps Classic, all zooms, known cached areas. It happened when re-initializing the application with device in airplane mode.

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