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Location based search in my tracks, Locus classic 3.65

germangeo shared this question 16 months ago

I have a given point in my map in Locus classic 3.65 (center of screen or any of the other possibilities to set a point).

How can I search all the GPS tracks in my Locus-track-folders that are in/near this area - maybe within a given distance around that point.

I use Locus for over 8 years and have hundreds of tracks. I know, I have been there but do not know, in which folders I saved the tracks and their names / dates.

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Center the desired position of interest, then: Search -> Tracks, then leave the search text field empty, and start the search.

The results will be sorted by distance from center.


Wow, that's cool.

I've asked this question many times to myself - had not thought, that the answer is THAT easy!

Thank you!

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