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Manual for weather out of sync with the app

Georg D shared this problem 13 months ago
  • After the update to v3.65.1, the weather forecast changed and the manual[]=weather is out of sync with the app
  • the screenshots need an update
  • "Locus displays forecast of the nearest place to your selected location the online database knows name of." does not apply any more; the station's name is not shown any more. I'd prefer to show them if possibile, because especially in mountains, it requires a quite different interpretation between a station in a village down in the valley or on top of a mountain.
  • Differenciation between "Today's weather forecast" and "Weather forecast for next 6 days" is now redundant; both can be merged. The merged text shall be extended to explain the grey bar with more or less blue filling – all ideas I had cannot apply, e.g. it's not the between "objective" and "feels like" temperature ranges because sometimes they are not within each other but e.g. -5° to -4° objective and -7° to -8° so grey & blue shall be next to each other but the bars are displayed within each other.
  • In section forecast, "Current weather" is an unlucky term, as also for the next days, this part is shown.
  • Section "Meteogram" does not yet mention precipitation
  • "Forecast history" does not exist any more

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That was fast 🙂 In the new page, I did not find anything to improve 👍

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