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How to import big maps?

Sparx82 shared this question 16 months ago

Hi All,

I have some MBTiles map which are pretty big in size (80Gb and >100Gb). With earlier versions of Android I was able to use an external link. With the upgrade of Android, this is not possible anymore. What possibilities do I have to still use those maps? My comment to the given import possibilities:

- Cannot use GoogleDrive/Dropbox/OneDrive as I either don't have accounts there or they don't have enough space

- Also don't have a webserver to download a file with such a big size

- I tried to copy it manually via USB to the SDCard/Android/media/ file (which I have set as folder for the offline maps) but this also doesn't work as Locus does not recognize that the map is already there and still tries to copy it which results in an empty file with no 0b.

- Also cannot store it in another directory and then import it as my SDCard is not big enough to have those maps stored twice. It also seams that Locus first copies to map to the main storage of the phone because when I wanted to import it from a location on the SDCard, it filled up the main storage of the device completely and then aborted without deleting the temporary file, which caused my main storage to have only some MBs left.

What options do I have?

I'm using Locus Map 4.13.2 with a Gold subscription.

Best regards,


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there should be no restriction on the map size.

If you copy your file into the "Android/media" folder, Locus should automatically detect the file and offer the map in the map manager. Only the right path is this:
"sdcard\Android\media\\mapsVector" so check if you have the file in the right directory.

Please, let me know if it helps.


Zdenek, Locus team


I.e. no "Import" nor "Link" needed!

Only a Locus restart after successful USB copy to the folder above.


Ah that's true and it worked. I tried that before but either not restarted Locus or somehow did not close it properly and when opening again it was not a true reboot of Locus and therefore it did not recognize the new maps. But now I have them all, thanks!


Perfect, I'm glad to read it. Btw in the Map manager > top toolbar of the offline tab is an option "Refresh list" that do the same > force re-initialization of all maps.

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