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Weather available over Locus API

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 18 months ago

Could we have

an intent to load the weather screen at a specific location

An untent to load/show/hide a specific map item by name

( or for my purpose a preset will also do, as its to show a black plain map kml)

or to be able to load the plain black map in a preset/intent

(edit Menion, comment below)


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I prefer separate tasks per idea. In this case

Weather support > oki, next version:

Map items & preset > a lot more complicated tasks. Because "Map items" has a very hard time now (because of file system limitations on Android 12+), I'm unsure about their future. At least, I currently do not have extra motivation to improve them with some advanced tweaks like this.

So, I'm changing this idea to focus mainly on the weather. Map items may be discussed later in a separate topic if you will think, it is still useful addition that more users will benefit from. Thanks for understanding.


Excellent, that was fast, thanks

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