Altitude Alarm (on top of an already exisiting idea)

laforest shared this idea 15 months ago
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Hi Team ! someone ask for an altitude alarm. I'd like something even richer (more complex ?)

I'd like to be able to set an alarm to go every time an altitude threshold is passed

e.g i set it to 50 m

if my altitude goes from 1210 to 1480 >> bip at 1250,1300,1350, 1400, 1450..

if my altitude goes 1210, 1280, 1240 >> bip when going up at 1250 that is all

if my altitude goes 1210, 1320, 1240 >> bip when going up at 1250, then 1300, then 1250 is all

said differently, if an altitude biped, it does not do it again until another value is passed i.e only level below or above can bip. this to ignore small variations around a value

it would be nice to be able to set the threshold 50m 100m .. free value

this would be "useful" (funny / interresting) when doing long climbs (e.g Tourmalet on bike) to be notified on progress. It would avoid the 'are we there yet ?' for those who have the shrek reference

I know there are some challenges around the GPS altitude precision but the way I propose it, it is not really important

I hope you'll consider this as may be useful for wearables too

(of course, same idea could apply to *distance* when recording track)

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This could be easily managed with Tasker appand locus tasker plugin, in the mean time


thxs.. I'll give it a look.

I did not know it existed...


basically tasker would use this

to get the altitude info every few mins, and then on certain thresholds you set, cause an event like vibration or a toast...


can't get it working...even the examples...

does not answer my need. thxs anyway



Plugin>LocusTasker>Request Info & Stats, edit to configure, tick altutude

returns locus derived altitude as %my_altitude

this can then be compared with numbrs in if else loops etc

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