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Locoins purchase for gold subscription.

Alistair Parsons shared this question 13 months ago

ive got some play store credit about to expire

the gold subscription looks like if we are still in subscription, we cant buy any more to extend it.

I can buy extra locoins to use up the play store , will that be a valid payment option going forward....which is what i used last year.

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just to add, I have a feeling menion said locoins was being phased out, so I dont want to buy a load , just for use on gold subscriptions, if that payment method is going to stop...


Hi, we are not going to stop using LoCoins. Neither we are going to stop selling Premium for LoCoins. The only thing that is being discussed now is the current placement of this option switch in the expert settings section.


Thanks Michal, thats great, I can keep stocking up on locoins then....


As i understand, from now it´s possible to purchase LM Gold also with LoCoins

so i have terminated my abo on GooglePlay to stop automatic renew there

now i hope i can renew my gold subscription in april with Locoins



You have to enable locoins purchase in settings>expert settings>puchase for anyone that doesnt have this option

was available last april.

I think menion said it might be a temporary thing, as they are reviewing locoins as a system.

i just dont want to spend loads of play store credit if it going away soon...

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