Locus API send live tracking coordinates.

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 14 months ago
Gathering feedback

if there was a way to send a post to locus server, perhaps with user id and coordinates , to post an update

this way people could use tasker or similar to update their position on a timed regular basis without needing to run tasker.

at the moment we need to use tasker to open locus, then start live tracking, wait long enough, then stop live tracking, then close locus process.

being able to do it from one line would mean less battery drain, and also facilitate family safety tracking devices for family members. theres discussion at the moment on reddit of using tasker for keeping family safe,

This is available with custom live tracking, so just to be able to use with locus live tracking.

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Hi, this is currently not possible and can't say if ever will be.

We never planned to create a public server and keeping the whole system private brings many advantages.

To your use-case: why refresh location over tasker? Just let Locus Map do its work and simply keep Live tracking running. Or it is a problem?


It was to make locus a sort of family/object tracker

1: elderly father who has an old android without much storage.

2: client who wants to track his car in case of theft and is using an old spare phone.

Locus live tracking works great if everyone is consntantly using locus, it was mroe for family rotection, i think i will need to keep using google maps for this , at least untill the last location is longer than 10 mins.

having locus running cinstantly when im out working to keep my wife updated will hammer battery.

by using tasker it would be a a very low battery/storage solution.

in the mean time ive formated the tasker location url to use the locus web to simply display using the tasker location function, and send via sms. and google maps for when no cellphone signal( but have wifi)

Thanks for answering....


Hello Alistair,

thanks for the explanation. I fully understand your point. As I wrote, the Live-tracking feature is currently a little problematic. Wrote with the old system, old server, etc. So we firstly plan to fully rewrite it. During this, we will discuss possible feature updates. I'll keep this idea open for voting because it belongs to one big question: should we make Locus Live-tracking open to the public or keep it fully private as is now?


Thanks for the update. I think live tracking deserves to be part of gold subscription, but would be interesting for gold members to be able to share there room with otehr family members, and give put live tracking tokens, but not actually have them have to use the same locus account credentials. bit like the live tracking group access key, but without needing full locus running

didnt relaise about the access key till just now, so that might work to for family with locus free to share to a family group, without needing to share credentials, that would work for some of my queries...

Thanks again


Yes, with Gold Premium, you may create a private root and share access to this room with any other person who does not have a Gold account. Only the owner needs it.

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