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custom sub-directories is too slow

ColdAutumn shared this question 16 months ago

When I tried to customize the folder, I found that the movement speed of Locus was very slow, and it looked like it was Copy instead of Move.

And when I operate the file in the file manager, it can be completed almost instantly.

Why is this?

I move in the internal storage space and did not span the storage space, so it should be fast.

I move from \Android\media\\ to \Android\data\\files\.

I want to put them together so that it is convenient for file management.

The reason why I do this is because my mobile phone has limited interal storage space, so about a few months ago I transferred these data to the microSD card.

But....I found a new trouble: the microSD card is obviously slower than internal space.

(If you are interested, my SD is: TOSHIBA microSDXC UHS-I UHS Speed Class 3, mobile is Samsung Note8).

I really couldn't continue tolerance, so I eventually moved these data to the internal space.

abd1d9ce1f285d5dd1f1d5f11f917372In the end, although there are always some small problems, thank you for your great work.

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I think this has to do with the access rights the Playstore version of Locus is restricted to. Such became a problem caused by Google's access rights insanity since Android 11.

You screenshot shows theme data copy. Any theme should NO LONGER be stored in its plain folder structure, but rather as a single ZIP file (one per theme). Those ZIPs you can put into internal or external SD folder, and Locus will always put a copy of the extracted ZIP into internal private memory (hence fast).

I have several 100s of GB of map data (vector and raster) on external SD and never saw performance problems - since the ZIP theme feature was available. Vector maps I only use for zoom levels 12+, because they always will be slow in comparison to raster for lower zoom levels (and ugly for ZLs 8 and below).

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