Geocaching4Locus - Download logs option resets

Gary Sheppard shared this problem 56 days ago
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With Geocaching4Locus v3.0.9 the downloading preference for Count of logs keeps resetting to default (5).

I always set this to the maximum for downloading 30 logs per geocache, which works fine and I get 30 logs per geocache.

However, sometimes I notice this option has been reset back to 5, and then the app (correctly) only downloads 5 logs per geocache. It feels like I am setting this back to 30 every day...I am not sure what is happening to cause this reset back to 5 - I haven't been able to associate it with any event.



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GC4L is not developed by Locus Map. It was released by an external developer. You need to contact him directly.
He has not been available lately. It is not sure if bugs will continue to be fixed.
Therefore Locus Map has now programmed the download of caches internally in Locus Map Version 4x (LM4).

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