Recorded route elevation is not correct.

Alain Xhrouet shared this problem 10 months ago

The elevation curves are not correct for a recorded route. I recorded two routes, the elevation is overestimated and the curves are incorrect. I recorded the 35 km route simultaneously with another application, in this other application, the curves are correct. I have some sort of chimneys appearing in the curve.
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PS : Another issue, I cannot log in with my Google account to open a ticket. I had to create another account... I have a Premium Gold subscription with my Google account ...

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GPS on average is a pretty mess. When you look at the original data in a scenario where you sit for an hour, GPS will tell you that you made miles.

Hence apps do filtering (smoothing). That will do OK for the route, but elevation data still is not reliable.

So, in Locus, go to settings, search for filter and play with the filter strength. For elevation, Locus allows to adjust the points according to static elevation data (hgt files in Locus SRTM folder). While "SRTM" today is misleading, as the data no longer comes from the good old Space Shuttle, but rather from LIDAR.

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