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Transfer Waypont file with attachemnts to another device

hartmut König shared this problem 17 months ago
Not a Problem

I want to transfer a WP file to another device
I Exported as kml, special selection kmz does not exist, marking with attachments
A kml is created and a folder with the attachments.
In the kml is as reference with each waypoint


Export to a gpx, similar result but it shows as linkj
<link href="./Sights_Ruhr-attachments/altastenberg.pdf"><br>

I which directory I have to save the attachemnts please?
I tried to pack the kml file and the attachment folder to a kmz file and importedthe kmz.
Waypoints are importet attachments are in the import folder, but the attachment reference is missing in the waypoints.

What can I do, chnage the link in th gpx/kml from ./Sights_Ruhr-attachments/altastenberg.pdf"> to ?????

Thank you


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Hi Hartmut,

Could you please describe step-by-step how you proceed? I can export a KMZ with points without problems.


Hi Michal,

I think I found the problem, it seems not to be problem with Locus, the Problem arises only when I use an emulator on the PC (Bluestcaks as well as MEMU)

I did this becaus for a bycycle trip of severals days a wanted to make several waypoints along the trip with addional.

information in pdf-format.

As it is easear to work on PC I uses the emulators, which, does not export kmz, they only export kml.

I tried to make one new waypoint and export it for you, but I did this on a smartphone direct, and muchto my surprise I received a kmz-file. which i could import properly in the second smartphone as well as in Bluestacks and Memu.

Maybe the the problem arises because on emulators the Locus directory is direct in the root, meanwhile on the smartphones the directory is on sdcard Android->data ->Menion.......

(I am still running with Android 10, avoding the 11 and further

Thank you for your asstistande


Hmm, that's really interesting because I tested the feature on an emulator too (NOX running Android 7). My procedure:

- I created a folder, then a point1 in it, and attached a JPG to it

- I created a point2 in the same folder and attached a PDF to it

- I exported the whole folder as KMZ to the internal/download folder of the emulator

The KMZ contains a KML file and the FILES folder with the attachments. The path to the attachments is <lc:attachment>files/attachment</lc:attachment>

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