Description of navigation mode "Guidance" in German GUI

Walther Schubert shared this problem 9 months ago

The description of navigation mode "Guidance" is hidden under All Features. A link under the main heading Navigation would be helpful.

In the German translation the heading is "Leitfaden zu" which is wrongly translated and misleading. In the German GUI this function is called "Zielführung".

The menu entries "Nearest point" and "Next route point" are in the German GUI clipped and not comprehensible at all.

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OK. Found the documentation now. It is hidden under All features > Navigation > Guide to.

(Instead under the main heading Navigation. At least a link there would be helpful.)

In the German GUI, the feature is called "Zielführung", whereas the corresponding heading in the German documentation is "Leitfaden zur" which is wrongly translated and misleading.


Hi Walther,

the user guide is machine-translated by service. Sometimes the AI translation isn't perfect, sorry for that. I've fixed the issue manually.


Great, thanks!


In the description of the function itself, I found the second and third wrong translation of Guidance:

Beratung should be Zielführung,

as well as Anleitung zu einem Punkt should be Zielführung zu einem Punkt.

Three different wrong translations of the same term! Obviously this translation service isn't not suited to technical documentation.

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